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Eye Physician and Surgeon

Eye Physician and Surgeon
Margerie Burness M.D.
8451 Shade Avenue, Suite #206, (Blg. 2)
Sarasota, Florida 34243
Telephone 941-359-8939

Margerie Burness M.D.Dr. Burness is a board certified eye physician and surgeon and practices comprehensive general ophthalmology emcompassing cataracts, glaucoma, corneal issues such as infections, trauma, and dry eyes, retinal problems including diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, eyelid conditions, and a wide variety of many other ocular disorders, situations, and conditions.

Dr. Burness received her undergraduate degree at Washington State University. At East Tennessee State University, she received her medical degree and finished her internship. Her residency in ophthamology was completed at the University of Florida in 1998 and she has since that time practiced in the Bradenton/Sarasota area.

At this time, Dr. Burness enjoys a private practice which ensures one-on-one interaction with each and every patient. A small, but efficient staff ensures there is little if any waiting for scheduled appointments and the "cattle car" method of running a medical practice is strictly avoided.

Please give Dr. Burness a call at 359-8939 to schedule an appointment.

Jeannene Dieter OD
Jeannene L. Dieter, OD 
Optometric Physician

1-844-744-EYES  1-844-744-3937    email
8451 Shade Avenue, #206, Sarasota, Florida 34243

Dr. Dieter was born and raised in NJ and went on to attend the Ohio State University.

In 1987, she received her Doctorate of Optometry degree with clinical and academic honors from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry ( now Salus University).

         Dr. Dieter completed an internship at the University of Melbourne in Australia, has served on the State Board of Examiners, has done medical mission work and has served as an associate professor for doctoral students abroad. She is married & has 2 boys.

         Communication is a most sincere priority as each patient deserves a clear understanding of all exam findings, diagnoses and recommendations. 


Dr. Dieter has practiced locally for over 20 years and currently provides the              following services:

   — comprehensive eye examinations

   — refractions to determine a best eyeglass prescription

   — eye evaluations for patients taking high risk medication

   — eye evaluations for Red Eyes, Allergy  and Dry Eye Syndrome

   — post-operative management for cataract surgery patients

   — drivers license  eye examinations

   — bandage, therapeutic  and prosthetic contact lenses for patients with corneal disease,

         corneal scars, monocular diplopia, iris and eyelid abnormalities, glare disorders

   — contact lens renewal examinations  and fittings for disposable and gas permeable

        lenses and aphakia

   — concussion screening programs for area youth athletes with baseline and remove-

        from-play testing

   — coordination for low vision, orthoptic and vision rehabilitation services